Newton Launches First Major Update After Takeover

Newton Email

Newton email has released its first major update since the service was acquired by Justin Mitchell and Maitrik Kataria from the previous owner after a troubled Flightline.  In an email to users, Maitrik says: ” We are super happy to announce the update for Newton mail across all platforms.  This release is a huge milestone for us. Our work for the past quarter has helped us create a solid base for the future ahead. After building up the team from scratch, including our wonderful support team, we have slowly progressed towards gaining an understanding of millions of lines of Newton code and the complexities involved.”

Eight Dedicated Newton Developers

He continued: “We approached our first release by focusing on fixing major issues all the apps had across platforms. We also took on feature requests that were most requested by community members like the dark mode. This approach helped developers time to get familiar with the codebase.
“We now have a team of 8 developers working full time for Newton. We are much more confident in our ability to release features faster. Meaning, the next releases are going to be quicker and much more frequent.!
So, what’s new?
  • True dark mode where apps across platforms now support dark mode including the content of emails.
  • We are also introducing multi swipe on mobile and tablet devices so that you can go through your emails faster.
  • We have drafted better privacy policy and worked on making changes to our backend to ensure your data protection is our highest priority.

New Features Coming

In the coming months the Newton team will be developing:

  • Mail Templates
  • Link Receipts
  • Share emails via URL
  • Quote Email Text
  • Pinned emails, and
  • Tracking feed