Adios Evernote, Hello Nimbus?

Nimbus NoteRight now there is a lot of disappointment and frustration with Evernote, feelings that I share as I have been a long-term Evernote user since 2008 and am far from happy with the direction my once must-have service is going.  I won’t go too much into the reasons but suffice to say the latest V10 offering has taken away some functionality, including the vital backing up of all notes via a right-click. Also, the drag n drop files into a new note functionality disappeared for quite some time but that has, thankfully, been restored.

I never really thought I would have to do this, but I have decided to look around for a new service and I believe I have found it with Nimbus Note.

Appsumo Lifetime Offer

I am only a few days into exploring Nimbus but feel it vital to publish something now as Appsumo has a special deal with a one-off lifetime charge of just under £50/$49, which makes the premium version of Evernote expensive on an annual basis. I have no idea how long this deal will be live, so I am writing this in case anyone wants to grab it before it disappears.

I wrote about leaving Evernote almost two years ago, and I think using Nimbus is the way forward.

The most important thing about any new service is that it had to be able to import my existing collection of Evernote files dating back 12 years.  Nimbus did this relatively seamlessly although it imported them en-mass and not in the Evernote folder structure.  This meant I had to recreate the Evernote folder structure within Nimbus and then drag n drop files into the relevant folder.

Rapid First Class Nimbus Support

Here is discovered my first issue. As I worked my way through the files, every time I transferred one or more, the scroll bar jumped back to the top, not at the place where I wanted. I contacted the support team and not only got a reply within half an hour but a promise to fix this as soon as possible. In fact one other issue was also answered within the hour.

Compare this to the response I got from Evernote regarding the right click backup and I was thanked for making the suggestion. It was not a suggestion, but pointing out a function that had disappeared.

Nimbus ScreenshotNimbus looks like Evernote – imitation is the finest form of flattery – which will help people adjust to its style of working more easily and has its own browser clipper function to grab screenshots, whole articles or just fractions thereof.  There is also a stand-alone screen capture and video module, too, which is a bonus and clips and videos are automatically imported into Nimbus.

Although Nimbus looks like Evernote, much thought has gone into it to ensure there value-added functionality in the way you write and store data in the app.

Added Nimbus Functionality

Note creating is very simple but powerful and the app uses blocks so you can move items such as text and graphics around to improve the ultimate reader experience. As well as creating folders, you can create sub-folders and allocate a share facility so joint projects can be smoothly integrated into multiple individuals’workflows.

Naturally, there are apps for Android and IoS.

As I said, I am only a few days into using Nimbus and I have grabbed the Appsumo offer with both, eager hands. I will report back on how I get on, but in the meantime, the Appsumo video below gives a brilliant overview of Nimbus and its potential.