Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday VPN Deals

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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN deals are here. Yes, it is that time of year again when there are some bargains to be had during this year’s cyber season with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and offers on premium, reputable VPNs is no exception. Online security is becoming more and more important as hackers and nation-states carry out hacking attacks on countries, major organisations and individuals.

During the Covid pandemic, millions of people are working from home and many do not have the cybersecurity previously given while working in a corporate environment. A reputable, quality, premium VPN does not cost the earth and at this time of year, there are some eye-watering savings to be made. So, let’s cut to the chase and find out what the major VPN services are offering.


Surfshark Black Friday Cyber Moinday dealSurfshark is the new boy on the black and is establishing itself as a hot service with powerful tools and a price structure that is pretty much impossible to beat. As a long term NordVPN user, I never thought I would be lured away by another VPN provider but Surfshark has done it.

Checking my tablet, Surfshark has been running uninterrupted for 458 hours and 40 minutes. No other VPN I have tried has managed that! You can check out my review on Surfshark here or go straight to the Surfshark website to check out the deals which are currently a two-year deal at $2.49 a month with three months free here 

I seriously rate Surfshark and it gets my VPN of the year award.



NordVPM Black Friday and Cyber Monday dealsNordVPN has consistently been up there as one of the leading VPN services for many years and it is pretty much bulletproof and was, for many years, my VPN of choice. In fact, I think I still have about two years left on an extended deal I paid for before I discovered Surfshark! You can see my review of NordVPN here.


Users who buy a two-year deal will get free VPN subscriptions of different lengths as gifts on top of the subscription they bought but only the 2-year deal buyers will be able to get a gift of 1-month, 1-year, and 2-year deal plans. The gift is selected absolutely at random!

Check out the deals here.


PureVPN black friday and cyber monday dealsPureVPN seems to have been around since VPNs first burst on the cybersecurity scene many, many years ago. Over time it has cemented a reputation as robust and fast and it is not difficult to see why a lot of people see it as their VPN provider of choice.  I have written a review and this can be seen here.

As you might expect, PureVPN has a hefty discount during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the company is offering a whopping five-year deal at $1.48 a month. Yup, you get first-class VPN coverage for $89.

Check out the deal here.

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