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Why Surfshark? Online privacy and security, long considered the realm of geeks and paranoids, is becoming mainstream. Phishing, hack attacks, ransomware and identity theft from a growing band of cybercriminals and rogue nation-states can make our online lives fraught with danger, but there are simple steps that can be taken to make your online life more secure. Which is where Surfshark comes in.

One of the simplest ways of protecting your online life is to invest in a virtual private network (VPN). Note that I use the word invest which intimates that you need to spend money. Fortunately, there are always deals on multi-year VPN subscriptions from reputable, established organisations.

The threat from free VPNs is that they will probably sell your logged data to marketing and data mining companies. There are free options available from Tunnelbear and ProtonVPN, but the first has a very limited data cap and the second pushes traffic through a limited number of servers and is fairly slow. Basically, the free versions are loss-leaders and trying to get you to cough up for the premium subscription.

Sursfshark Pricing

Surfshark Dashboard
The Surfshark Dashboard

I have been a long term user of NordVPN and I have an extended subscription to about 2025 I believe, but I started reading about a new boy on the block called Surfshark and after a few days took out a two-year subscription and put NordVPN on hold. Surfshark is one of the least expensive VPNs available weighing in a £1.83 a month if you take out a two-year deal. But, it wasn’t the cost that won me over.

First, Surfshark is fast and there is hardly any latency drop on my broadband speed with it running. Despite the budget price, it has all the tools and tweaks you need to protect yourself. First, you can choose the server you wish to connect to or go for the fastest server choice using the auto-connect option.
There is a VPN kill switch which disables the Internet connection when the VPN connection drops (more of this later) and you have the choice of a wide range of VPN protocols including IKEv2, UDP, TCP, Shadowsocks and the latest Wireguard option. If you choose IKEv2 you have the choice of AES-256-GCM or Chacha20Poly1305 encryption.
For your subscription you can install Surfshark on as many devices as you want – yup, no limits. What blew me away is that when I installed it on my Android phone and tablet, Surfshark ran uninterrupted for hundreds of hours, no dropouts whatsoever compared to other VPNs that I have used. The only time it goes back to zero is when it updates and disconnects itself.

You can use this VPN for 14 days to give it a good trial run. Below is one of the many YouTube videos profiling Suerfshark