Aqua Mail Makes Email Fully Functional And Fun

Aqua Mail Email Client LogoEmail, had you believed the tech prophets, should have been dead in the water years, possibly decades, ago, but it is still here and stronger than ever. Despite the multitude of messaging apps and services like Microsoft Teams, Twist and Slack, email remains at the core of interpersonal communications and the pandemic and working from home has highlighted the importance of having a decent email system.

Elsewhere I have written about three alternativesemClient, Postbox and Mailbird – to the bloatware that is Outlook, which is fine for desktop systems, but using mobile platforms like phones and tablets throws up a different matrix.
As an Android user, I have tried numerous mobile email clients, including Nine and Newton. I have long championed Newton, but almost a year since it was bought out, there has only been one major update, so I have thrown in the towel, deleted my account and went looking for an alternative. I wish the new owners well, however, and I hope that in the long run, they have the success the service deserves.
Aqua Mail Email Client Interface
Aqua Mail’s interface is fully customisable to make it easy on your eye

There are probably dozens of Android email clients but for some reason, Aqua Mail caught my eye and it had before because when I installed it, it loaded the premium rather than the free version. I cannot remember buying it in the past but then my app list is a graveyard littered with more than 100 apps that I have tried and discarded.

On revisiting and dropping in on the Aqua Mail forum, there seems to be a bit of concern about whether or not the app is tracking users. The discussion has been heated and with two individuals unpleasantly personal. It surrounds the use of a Google debugging code called Firebase, and it shows the transparency of the developers that they have left the discussion up on an open forum for all to see.

Aqua Mail Is Fully Tweakable

Also, Kaspersky Internet Suite and a brace of other malware and ad tracking apps have found nothing untoward. I am also minded that Aqua Mail is a freemium product with the free version carrying advertisements. If I was an advertiser I would want to see what I got for my money and trackers are a way of doing that.  In the premium version, the settings have options for turning off all feedback to the developers.
The first thing that struck me about Aqua Mail is that I have never known an app with so many tweak-able options. Rather than me spending hours writing about all the features, you cannot do better than go to the Aqua Mail FAQ page and read through the comprehensive Q and A input.
The downside to this is because Aqua Mail does not store any information on its servers, setting up multiple devices can be time-consuming. This was one advantage (or disadvantage if you are hyper security concerned) with Newton is that you set up on the device and the rest follow in its wake just by logging in.
In summary, I really like Aqua Mail. The interface is professional and intuitive, folder structure and management is easy but powerful, it works well with multiple email formats and setting up with the likes of Gmail takes no time at all.