TickTick Update – Better Than I Thought

When I first started looking at TickTick I looked at it purely as a to-do task management system.  I really liked the calendar option but had terrible trouble with syncing Google Calendar with TickTick and Business Calendar on my Android devices. So much so, I have to admit, that I deleted my premium account and walked away in a huff! Once I calmed down, a week or so later, I decided to revisit TickTick and I am so glad I did and, once the support team re-established my premium account, I was up and running.

TickTick More Than Task Management

The first thing I want to say is that TickTick is so much more than a simple task management service.  For one thing, I have worked out the syncing of my calendars and now only use Google Calendar as a background conduit.

My whole life is on my smartphone and tablet, which is either very clever or totally stupid, but as I have these with me throughout the day I use Business Calendar 2 as my primary input device and any events inserted here show up in the TT calendar.

TickTick CalendarIt is possible to have two way synching by linking TickTick events with GCal but I find my system is just fine.  If necessary I can drag my tasks into the calendar and allocate duration and even spread them across days or possibly weeks.  This is a heads up over Todoist.

I never got on with Trello but like Todoist’s boards mode, TickTck has a Kanban view which enables you to organise specific tasks in a scheduled order such as To Do, In Progress, Completed, etc as an easy to view workflow chart.

A simple click of a button from one of the menus enables you to switch seamlessly between the list and the kanban view.

A final comment on the calendar view is that you can block out times, say between midnight and 7 pm if that is dead time in your day.  After all, what is the point in having screen real estate eaten up by times you are asleep?

Pomodoro Module

TickTick also has a built-in Pomodoro module. At my time of life, I don’t need to segment my working days into busy times, rest times, etc, but many very busy people find this helps them with a disciplined workday.

The last thing I want to highlight is that TickTickl can handle notes, albeit in a very simple manner. Notes vary from tasks in that they cannot be allocated a time for completion or be used to click the checkbox. Notes at the moment are basic and rely on the user knowing markup language. I find this clumsy and I suspect that given the rapid rate of service updates, the company will be adding a standard “word processing” interface in the not too distant future.

As if that was not enough, TickTick has a habits module where you can track everything from cleaning your teeth to regular rehydration.

So, far from being a task management service, TickTick is in many ways a complete productivity environment. It also benefits from having a reasonably busy Reddit section where you can get feedback from experienced users for any issues you discover.

Find out more here.