Microsoft Slashes Free OneDrive Storage to 5gb

onedrive-logoI often despair at Microsoft’s attitude to the Internet.  Ever since Bill Gates  back in the 1990s said the Internet wasn’t going to catch on, the company has shown an at times bizarre approach to what has eventually become hot and trending approaches to work. As an advocate of flexible and remote working I found Microsoft’s stopping development of its PDA (personal digital assistant) windows for mobile software perplexing and , even now, I would argue they have not caught up with Apple or Google over the IoS and Android platforms.  If I were a shareholder and noting that the PC software market was shrinking, I would be worried that the Big M is seemingly playing catch-up.

The latest chorus in the opera of disenchantment came in an Email from Microsoft announcing it was slashing its OneDrive free storage space from 25gb down to 5gb.  The 15 GB camera roll storage bonus will also be discontinued for free accounts will also be slashed. To be fair it doesn’t really affect me as I have a premium 1tb account with Dropbox and only used OneDrive as a blog test bed, but if I were a regular user and I saw 20gb being hacked off my account I would not be too impressed.

So, why has this happened?

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Mobile Technology A Critical Part Of Work Today

Mobile Technology BYODGreat strides in mobile technology and communications have meant that the smartphone and tablet has become an essential tool for most workers as the move to mobile working away from a main office or headquarters is becoming more common.  Part of the reason is that with the development of effective online collaboration tools, remote working and BOYD strategies enable employers to recruit from a talent pool outside of their geographic area.

A survey carried out by Wrike, which provides online task and project management services, reveals that mobile working is critical for a growing number of workers.  More than 44% of the 850 people interviewed use their devices more than 40 times a day, primarily for picking up emails and to phone others.

What I find striking is that within the last two years how Bring You Own Device (BYOD) policies have evolved and been accepted despite companies voicing fears about security and data management when BOYD first started to come to the forefront of new working practices.

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My Top Eight Premium Services

premium services

I am more than happy to pay for premium packages? Here’s why.

There are a lot of people who believe that everything on the Internet is free and even take great delight in bragging that they never pay for software or services.  No doubt they would be the first to start bitching if a service had to close because it had become financially unsustainable or a previously free service had to start charging a subscription to cover the growing costs of server space, etc.

One of the great things about Internet-based services is the freemium model where you can access a basic level of modules within a service for no charge but if you want to utilise the really good bits you can then upgrade to a premium level for an annual or monthly charge.  I started out with a lot of premium services as a freemium customer, liking the ability to “suck it and see” before committing myself.

I have a number of must have apps and services that I am more than happy to pay for., Here is a list of those and why I cough up the cash.

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How I Became A Mobile Cloud Advocate

mobile cloudIt’s 1995 and I am standing in a queue at Heathrow Airport waiting to go through security. I have an overnight bag with enough clothes for my three days in Brussels, plus a bag carrying my newly purchased pride and joy laptop computer. Back in the day you had to ensure that your laptop battery was fully charged before going through security because the uniforms made you boot the machine up to show them that it was indeed a laptop computer and not a bomb that would take the airplane out of the sky  – and this was way before Islamic suicide bombers came on the scene.

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Is Evernote A Dying Unicorn? I Don’t think So

elephant sunsetUnicorn is a term in the U.S. investment and venture capital industry that denotes a start-up company—originally and often software-focused,[1] but now more inclusive of other sectors—whose valuation has exceeded the somewhat arbitrary value of $1 billion. Thus says Wikipedia.

As a long time user and premium user of Evernote I was concerned at some nagging discontent in business circles on the long term future of Evernote with some predicting that the service would be the first dead unicorn.  Now the thought of any tech service I have become reliant on shuffling off this e-mortal coil is bad enough but Evernote is more than just a note taking app, it is my digital brain storing a substantial amount of my data going back five or six years.

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