Android Apps I Cannot Manage Without

As mentioned in an earlier post, my life is on my mobile devices and, thankfully, most of them rely on cloud storage. So, in the event that I lose the Android tablet or phone, I can remotely wipe the devices and still access the data that the apps generate. Looking back at my Google Play account, it is startling at the number of apps that I have downloaded and, in some cases, paid for and rejected. But, over the years, a number of apps and services have become indispensable, and here they are.

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Aqua Mail Makes Email Fully Functional And Fun

Aqua Mail Email Client LogoEmail, had you believed the tech prophets, should have been dead in the water years, possibly decades, ago, but it is still here and stronger than ever. Despite the multitude of messaging apps and services like Microsoft Teams, Twist and Slack, email remains at the core of interpersonal communications and the pandemic and working from home has highlighted the importance of having a decent email system.

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Newton Email – Now The Dust Has Settled

Newton emailNow that the dust is starting to settle over the acquisition of Newton email has started to settle, I want to update my previous post. The first I want to mention is that I contacted one of the new owners,
Maitrik Kataria, who took the time on two occasions to respond to my emails. Given that his email inbox must have filled up quicker than a beach in a heatwave, I was more than impressed. It bodes well that there is this level of interaction with end-users.

After Newton being bought by Essential, there was a slowdown in the responses from team members; this was probably a sign that not all was well from the moment the new owners took charge. Who knows? The original development team have flown, so we will not discover the truth.

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Newton Email Soars Back To Life (Again)

Newton emailJust when I thought that Newton email was finally dead and buried after its parent company Essential crashed and burned, it has risen phoenix-like from the ashes, yet again.  At this rate, being flippant, I think the new owners should rename it Boomerang, but I realise that has already been taken.

I should be jumping for joy as I have championed Newton, and its predecessor CloudMagic, in this and my previous blog over its fledgeling years. Hell, I even championed the $50 a year subscription because the service was, well, just bloody brilliant.

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Working From Home: Outlook Email Alternatives

If you are working from home during the Corvin-19 pandemic, you may be struggling to pick up business emails from your corporate servers.  If your organisation has provided you with Office 365 to work with you may find that Outlook is struggling to cope.  A company I do consultancy work for provided me with Office 365 but I found that Outlook was, like most Microsoft software,  bloatware. Fortunately, for this blog, I had examined alternatives and offer three alternatives for you to consider.

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