Taking The Axe To Cloud Services

Some time ago I decided to have a cull of duplicate and rarely used apps and services on my Android devices and wrote about it on this blog. Last week I decided to rationalise my various cloud storage and backup systems. The primary reason for this was that I had a substantial number of files relating to a client for whom I do consultancy on my private Dropbox account.

The risk of this is obviously if I get abducted by aliens or decamp for life to a Buddhist monastery, the client has no access to its data. I also had data scattered across other cloud-based systems after years of sampling services for this blog. It was obviously time for rationalisation and to wield the axe.

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Rolo Not Just A Dialler More A Clever CMS

I can remember back in the dim and distant past when all my old mobile phone could do was make calls and send texts. To make a call you had to punch the numbers in from memory until such time as the manufacturers created the magical address book.  With the advent of smartphones, there is now a veritable torrent of dialling related apps and services that have revolutionised the way we contact and interact with people.

I was a firm favourite of Contacts+ until I discovered the drag n drop world of Drupe and I switched allegiance. I know, I am a fickle bastard! Then Srinath Rajaram came along asking for me to take a look at Rolo. On its website, the developer states: Rolo is an app that helps you track and  follow­-up with your clients, vendors & friends. Even if you have 1000s of clients & make 100s of calls, you’ll remember everything.”

That’s a tall claim, but I believe that Rolo is clearly more than “just a dialler” and more of a contact management system.

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Bitching About Newton Pricing? Here’s A 50% Discount


I have long maintained that if an app or service is of great benefit to you, then it is worth paying for. Hell, I even wrote a post about the services I am more than happy to pay for. But there is a band of people who believe that everything they want on the net is free and their right to use as such. A case in point is CloudMagic which recently returned as Newton  with a stack of turbocharged added extras.  A typical discourse would have been:

“Wow! CloudMagic is the best free email app for Android and IoS with some fab features. It really is head and tails above anything else on the market and I cannot envisage using another mobile email solution. Great, I have just tread that CloudMagic is changing its name to Newton and will have even more great value added modules. I can’t wait.

“Hang on, they want to charge for Newton? Screw that. I am dumping this and going with Outlook. It may be crap but it’s free!”

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CloudMagic Turbocharges Into Newton

newton logoOver a number of years, CloudMagic has become the leading email app for mobile platforms.  It has been on my “must have” list for a long time and it’s ability to work as well, if not better, than some desktop email clients, has kept me in touch while sitting in a taverna in Greece, enjoying an ice-cold Estrella in a bar in Barcelona or even just sitting outside enjoying a rare chunk of English summer sun in the garden.  Now CloudMagic is metamorphosing into Newton, a paid for subscription service with a host of additional features for the power user. I have been playing with the beta version and I love it and will not hesitate to cough up the $49.99 for 12 months – just think of all that additional power for less than a cup of coffee a week!

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