Forget The Perfect Ten, This Is The Perfect Nine

Nine Email ClientAs mentioned in the previous post, Newton email has bitten the dust for the second time.  After the first closure, I discovered BlueMail and used it happily though I did think the GUI was a bit fugly. Then Newton enjoyed a second coming that lasted about a year before the company that resurrected it, Essential, shut down its entire operation. So, the question was, do I just go cap in hand back to BlueMail or see if something else was lurking out there. I chose the latter option.

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A Sad Day As Newton Email Dies Again

I have long championed Newton, previously CloudMagic, as the best email client for Android, and was seriously unhappy when it bit the dust. Then along came the Essential mobile phone and its developer, Andy Rubin, resurrected Newton and all was well with the world. Now Rubin has pulled the plug on Essential and Newton will … Read more

Rolo Not Just A Dialler More A Clever CMS

I can remember back in the dim and distant past when all my old mobile phone could do was make calls and send texts. To make a call you had to punch the numbers in from memory until such time as the manufacturers created the magical address book.  With the advent of smartphones, there is now a veritable torrent of dialling related apps and services that have revolutionised the way we contact and interact with people.

I was a firm favourite of Contacts+ until I discovered the drag n drop world of Drupe and I switched allegiance. I know, I am a fickle bastard! Then Srinath Rajaram came along asking for me to take a look at Rolo. On its website, the developer states: Rolo is an app that helps you track and  follow­-up with your clients, vendors & friends. Even if you have 1000s of clients & make 100s of calls, you’ll remember everything.”

That’s a tall claim, but I believe that Rolo is clearly more than “just a dialler” and more of a contact management system.

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Bitching About Newton Pricing? Here’s A 50% Discount


I have long maintained that if an app or service is of great benefit to you, then it is worth paying for. Hell, I even wrote a post about the services I am more than happy to pay for. But there is a band of people who believe that everything they want on the net is free and their right to use as such. A case in point is CloudMagic which recently returned as Newton  with a stack of turbocharged added extras.  A typical discourse would have been:

“Wow! CloudMagic is the best free email app for Android and IoS with some fab features. It really is head and tails above anything else on the market and I cannot envisage using another mobile email solution. Great, I have just tread that CloudMagic is changing its name to Newton and will have even more great value added modules. I can’t wait.

“Hang on, they want to charge for Newton? Screw that. I am dumping this and going with Outlook. It may be crap but it’s free!”

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