Android Apps I Cannot Manage Without

As mentioned in an earlier post, my life is on my mobile devices and, thankfully, most of them rely on cloud storage. So, in the event that I lose the Android tablet or phone, I can remotely wipe the devices and still access the data that the apps generate. Looking back at my Google Play account, it is startling at the number of apps that I have downloaded and, in some cases, paid for and rejected. But, over the years, a number of apps and services have become indispensable, and here they are.

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Ghostvolt Encryption Robust And Easy To Use

Ghostvolt Logo

Ghostvolt, right from the start, sets out its stall on the importance of adhering to the numerous data protection legislation around the world and the heavy issues that result from not ensuring data held is not properly protected. Despite the stern warning and the first sight that Ghostvolt is complicated, it is one of the simplest data encryption services to use. If you are familiar with Windows Explorer, you can easily use Ghostvolt.

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New Cyber Laws To Protect Smart Devices


The UK government is passing tough new cybersecurity laws to protect smart devices after a surge in pandemic breaches. Makers of smart devices including phones, speakers, and doorbells will need to tell customers up front how long a product will be guaranteed to receive vital security updates under groundbreaking plans to protect people from cyber attacks.

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Bitwarden Password Manager Review

Bitwarden Password Manager
Bitwarden is that rare example of my discrediting my credo that if you aren’t paying for a product, you are the product. Password managers are another spoke in the wheel of security measures that are increasingly becoming essential. I started with Lastpass but found that too flaky and Dashlane was a bit too aggressive. I found my solution in 1Password and have been a premium subscriber for many years and that is not about to change.
However, somewhere online I fell across a review of Bitwarden which was stated to be not only probably the best password manager available but the best free password manager.  Intriguing.

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