Let Mine Reclaim Your Data During Coronavirus Lockdown – And Beyond

Mine Data P{privacyIf you are in lockdown due to the coronavirus, now is as good a time as any to start looking at reclaiming your data and discovering what companies know about you.  A new service called Mine might just be the tool you need.  This is a start-up that has its roots in the Israeli intelligence service and states “Our mission is to build a global privacy standard where people can make informed decisions about where their personal data should be while still enjoying the benefits of the internet.”

So, how does it achieve this?

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Secure Working From Home During Covid-19

In the wake of the coronavirus, many organisations internationally are allowing people to work from home to lessen the risk of contagion, but is this wise from a cybersecurity point of view? While companies generally have a cybersecurity policy in place that governs the use of anti-virus and firewall protection, individuals without any tech knowledge could fall foul of cybercriminals.

I have been an advocate of home working since the mid-1990s when it was called teleworking.  I was self-employed and worked on a four-year project for the European Commission. Our virtual company, called Telework Europa, was charged by the EC to examining the then-emerging Internet technologies and how they could benefit the geographically disadvantaged, Eurospeak for those stuck in the back of beyond, away from the main employment areas.

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Gmail Pushing Me To ProtonMail – Here’s Why

protonmail logoIt is very common knowledge that Gmail is a free service that scrapes the content of your emails to target advertising your way.  I thought that by using a third party email client – in my case Postbox and emClient – I could avoid being targeted by Google. Wrong!

I read online that Gmail scrapes the information contained in emails from online retailers such as Amazon and stores them in a Purchases Section of your account.

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pCloud-The Secure Alternative to Dropbox You Probably Have Never Heard Of

Barely a day goes by when the newsfeeds do not cover another cybersecurity scare where services or companies have been hacked and vital user data is harvested by cybercriminals or nation-state hackers which is where pCloud comes into its own.

pCloud is a Swiss-based company that was started in 2013 and boasts more than eight million subscribers but it is rarely heard of in mainstream tech media.

Security is at the heart of pCloud and it hosts user data through a leading certified data centre via collocation. When using the pCloud service user’s data is transferred to its outsourced servers via TLS/SSL protocol and is copied on at least three server locations in a highly secure certified data centre in Dallas, Texas, USA. Its collocated service provider is certified for SSAE 16 SOC 1, Type II that ensures the highest level of security.

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