Boxcryptor The Best For Robust Encryption

Despite the fact that the Edward Snowden leaks maintain that the NSA can crack encrypted emails and web content, there is a growing feeling among some people that they ought to make some attempt to protect their cloud-based online data. I suspect that this is, in some cases, sheer bloody mindedness. Certainly I don’t have a lot of information that is confidential or sensitive, but I certainly got out of bed the wrong side some weeks ago and thought well if they want to read my stuff then they will have to work a little harder! I have been playing around with some of the online offerings such as Safemonk and Cloudfogger and the latest to pop up on my radar is Boxcryptor.

Embrace BYOD To Beat Terrorism

I wrote this piece more than a year ago but with the recent tragic events worldwide I thought it relevant to raise the BYOD and terrorism topic again.
In a previous post the sharp eyed and vigilant will have noticed a slightly barbed comment referring the negative management attitudes holding up the adoption of flexible working systems. Studies have shown that far from remote workers skiving on the golf course they generally put in more hours and are considered more productive that their colleagues who fly a computer at HQ.

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Online Security-My Top Three Choices

secure systemsThe Internet has never been a particularly safe place to keep sensitive data without ensuring a high level of security but with hacks to third party services happening on an almost daily basis to have no security whatsoever is madness. If you store information non family and friends and you have no security then you are a complete liability who should be cast into the fiery pits of hell – but then you have caught me on a highly tolerant day!

Fortunately there are numerous security apps out there ranging from the cheap and almost nasty to the costly but very efficient than run on multiple platforms and devices so you have no excuse. These will store everything from all your web access usernames and passwords through to bank and credit card details. Here are my top three.

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Reset The Net Fight Back Against NSA

  Fight back against the mass surveillance by the NSA and other so called security agencies. Click  on the image above to go to the Reset The Net page and make your pledge against NSA intrusion into your data and your privacy.