Adios Evernote, Hello Nimbus?

Nimbus NoteRight now there is a lot of disappointment and frustration with Evernote, feelings that I share as I have been a long-term Evernote user since 2008 and am far from happy with the direction my once must-have service is going.  I won’t go too much into the reasons but suffice to say the latest V10 offering has taken away some functionality, including the vital backing up of all notes via a right-click. Also, the drag n drop files into a new note functionality disappeared for quite some time but that has, thankfully, been restored.

I never really thought I would have to do this, but I have decided to look around for a new service and I believe I have found it with Nimbus Note.

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Newton Launches First Major Update After Takeover

Newton Email

Newton email has released its first major update since the service was acquired by Justin Mitchell and Maitrik Kataria from the previous owner after a troubled Flightline.  In an email to users, Maitrik says: ” We are super happy to announce the update for Newton mail across all platforms.  This release is a huge milestone for us. Our work for the past quarter has helped us create a solid base for the future ahead. After building up the team from scratch, including our wonderful support team, we have slowly progressed towards gaining an understanding of millions of lines of Newton code and the complexities involved.”

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Decrypting VPN Jargon

Like a lot of computer and Internet-related environments, VPNs suffer from a tech-speak jargon. To the uninitiated, these can be confusing and the shutters come down and the brain turns off (like a kill switch!) but they are really very simple to understand.

Below we explain some of the more common terms.

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Five Surprise Uses For A VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), is becoming the first line in cybersecurity defence for anyone who goes online. Put simply, a VPN such as Surfshark consists of a tunnel that your encrypted data travels down, keeping you more secure and anonymous when online. It protects you from identity theft, phishing, malware and a host of other nasties that are evolving all the time.

However, there are side benefits apart from protecting your online activity, here is a shortlist of surprise advantages you can enjoy while using a VPN.

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