1Password Dislodges LastPass As My PW Manager Of Choice

1P5-Mac-iconI have been a long-term premium user of password manager LastPass and I never thought that I would change horses in mid-stream. Over the years while researching apps and software for this blog,

I have looked at Dashlane and 1Password. The former I found very invasive and seemed to pop up at the slightest opportunity, interrupting my workflow quite dramatically.  1Password I really liked, but at the time there didn’t seem to be enough reason to jump ship even though the LastPass interface was very dated.

Until now.


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My Top Eight Premium Services

premium services

I am more than happy to pay for premium packages? Here’s why.

There are a lot of people who believe that everything on the Internet is free and even take great delight in bragging that they never pay for software or services.  No doubt they would be the first to start bitching if a service had to close because it had become financially unsustainable or a previously free service had to start charging a subscription to cover the growing costs of server space, etc.

One of the great things about Internet-based services is the freemium model where you can access a basic level of modules within a service for no charge but if you want to utilise the really good bits you can then upgrade to a premium level for an annual or monthly charge.  I started out with a lot of premium services as a freemium customer, liking the ability to “suck it and see” before committing myself.

I have a number of must have apps and services that I am more than happy to pay for., Here is a list of those and why I cough up the cash.

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