The Tech Savvy SMB has grown out of the ashes of Web2 and More, an online resource for SMBs that was started about four years ago and reached a Google Page Rank 4 status before the plug was pulled.  The reasons why Web2 and More was nuked were many and varied.

One key factor is that the title was attracting cobwebs. Web2 died two years or so ago and as such the title was irrelevant to the rapidly changing cloud computing, BYOD (bring your own device)  and social media.

Another was that in my desire to broaden the number of topics  I opened up the blog to guest authors. While some were very good, it did open me up to a shed load of pushy PR types who thought that by providing a relatively on-subject post they could blag links to some totally off topic sites including gaming and PPI companies. No way José.

So I decided to take a breather, intending to think about a new blog after my annual pilgrimage to Greece in the summer, but something got the better of me and here we are, three or four months after Web2 was dead and buried with The Tech Savvy SMB.

Like Web2 and More, it is aimed at the small to medium sized businesses and self employed who want to capitalise on the rapidly changing technologies such as cloud computing, bring your own device (BYOD) and social media to improve the way they work.

I hope you find it useful.


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